Australian Dollar exchange rates remain fairly stable after Chinese data throws up no surprises (Daniel Wright)

AUDGBP Pressured After RBA Rate Meeting

A reasonably stable day in terms of exchange rate movements for the Australian Dollar with very little market movement seen.

Tomorrow we see Chinese loans data which may have an impact on the strength of the Australian Dollar along with unemployment and wage inflation for the U.K which is exceedingly important should you be looking to exchange Australian Dollars into Sterling or visa-versa in the coming weeks and months.

Wage inflation has been a key talking point in the U.k for a period of time now as it is one of the key factors that is stopping interest rates rising so soon.

Personally I now feel that exchange rates for GBP-AUD move up closer to the 1.90 figure as long as tomorrows data does not hamper the strength of the Pound.

In a reasonably quiet end to the week in terms of economic data for Australia the other key one to watch out for is Chinese Retail Sales and Industrial production figures due early Friday morning.

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