Mixed results for AUD, GBP and China create opportunities for anyone with AUD exposure

Will Sterling Weakness Continue to Help the AUD to GBP Rate Improve?

The Australian Dollar Sterling relationship has been a testing one over the last 14 days with new lows and new highs reached. The swing has been violent with a movement of over 4 cents in the space of only 3 trading days. This again highlights how important it is to time a transfer and to keep a very active eye on the markets almost 24 hours a day. Here this is exactly the service we offer helping people time their trade with an effort to help maximise the transfer they need to make. An example of which is I helped someone buy at the high on a property purchase and emigration saving them or giving them an extra $15,000 by timing it over a 7 day period, impressive as that is the 6 months average wage in the UK.

The reason for these swings is the changing views and mixed reports economically coming out of Australia, the UK and China and is something I generally expect to continue. I do however think that levels are on the way down and that they will probably reach 1.79 before they re-visit the highs of 1.85.

If you would like assistance with your transfer and a breakdown of what to expect please feel free to get in contact. We can also utilise both RATE ALERTS and SPIKE NOTIFICATIONS for you helping again with the all-important timing.

For more information contact myself, Steve Eakins  – [email protected]