GBPAUD hits best levels since January… Do you want to buy at 1.90..? Speak to me!

AUD to GBP Faces a Big Week with Rates and Budget

The pound is at the best levels against the Australian dollar since January as the pound remains solid and economic data for the Asian regions remains under pressure. If you need to buy Aussies a Limit order to buy at 1.90 is surely the best option. The GBPAUD rate fluctuates all the time due to being influenced by both the Asian, European and American markets. Unless you are in the habit of staying awake for 24 hours it is more than likely therefore you will miss certain spikes at this level.

A Limit order guarantees your price once the exchange rate you seek is reached. With Australian Unemployment data out tomorrow night (and expected to come in worse than expected) there is a good chance we could see a sudden spike. Exchange rates move every second for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the future but we can offer up extremely useful information and tools to try to help you capitalise on any improvements. We aggressively undercut the banks and if you are considering a transfer, a quick conversation with us is very much worthwhile.

If you need to transfer money now or in the future please get in touch with me today to discuss how to make the most of your money. Please email me on [email protected]