Will the Aussie make a recovery in 2015?

Australian Dollar Looking Bullish

This is a question on everyone’s lips at the moment, will the Australian dollar make a recovery in 2015? The Australian dollar has weakened considerably in recent months and years and many clients are asking if we will ever go back to the kind of rates we saw at the best times to sell Australian dollars. On balance I do not expect we will see such improvements but that the Australian dollar will suffer as the Australian economy continues to wobble and we in fact see the Aussie lose ground particularly against a rising pound.

Don’t forget the Australian dollar is supported by a strong Chinese economy and as this is clearly starting to slow down more and more the likelihood is that we will see more and more problems in the future for the Aussie dollar. If you need to transfer funds in the future making some careful plans now might well save you money in the future. Please contact me Jonathan on [email protected] to learn more.