Will the Aussie now hit 1.90?

AUD to GBP Traders Pause from Recent Pound Strength

In short I would have to say I feel it is very likely that the pound will rise to 1.90 against the Aussie. The GBP outlook remains for the time being positive and the current trend on the Aussie appears to support a strong likelihood of rates falling further in the New Year. The RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) has indicated that the currency remains overvalued and there is therefore a strong chance of some further interest rates cuts down under which will make it much cheaper to buy the Australian dollar.

If you have Aussies to sell for the pound I would strongly consider selling them sooner rather than later to take advantage of the recent developments on the exchange rate. Holding out too long could end costing you a fortune! For more information please contact me Jonathan on [email protected]