GBPAUD rates rally

AUDGBP Buyers Emerge at 0.55 After Pound Surge

The Australian dollar has continues to strengthen this week as the demand for riskier currencies fall. This has resulted in an excesses of AUD weakening the demand for the currency and therefore its price.  This is something that I expect to scontinue to see in the near future with yet further falls in its value expected overnight.  Earliy tomorrow we have data released from the Reserve Bank of Australia which is expected to show a fall in Consumer Price Index.  This is all great news for anyone with AUD to buy as I expect tomorrow morning to give buyers the best opportunity seen in nearly 5 years.  Sellers as a result are getting wary and to be honest I would be concerned if I had AUD to sell.  Today’s fall may be the time to move as a result following the confirmation of the UK GDP figures which missed expectation.

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