Sterling Australian Dollar rate heading up to 2 again – Can it break down the levels of resistance? (Daniel Wright)

AUDGBP Higher on ‘Truly Remarkable’ Jobs Rebound

Sterling has had another positive day against the Australian Dollar today and indeed against all major currencies as the Pound seems to have found itself well and truly back in fashion.

The European talks continue to hold the main headlines which is seemingly leading to investors and speculators pulling funds out of the Euro and shifting them into Sterling as one of the major currencies of choice at present.

U.K economic data has been fairly positive since the start of the year and the Australian economy still appears to be feeling the pressure so I would not be surprised to see a further move north, potentially above 2 as a buying price which from speaking to my clients over the pas few years does seem to be a level that a lot of people are looking to achieve.

If you are also in this position then this rate may be just around the corner so it would be extremely sensible to get in contact with me here so that I can monitor the market for you and make you aware should this level become achievable. You can also place an order into the market for the funds to be bought out automatically for you which eliminates the risk of you missing out on a spike overnight.

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