GBPAUD rates back under 1.90

AUDGBP Edges Higher as Pound Bulls Show Election Caution

GBPAUD rates have continued the trend we have seen well established over the last fortnight as the UK Pound falls in value. Rates currently are giving AUD holders a great opportunity to get better prices but there are strong arguments suggesting rates could improve further, bad news for anyone with AUD to buy.  This being the continual uncertainty that is establishing itself as a result of the coming UK election in less than 50 days time. It is widely expected to be the most challenging election in a generation with multiple parties in the running, a almost certain collision needing to be formed with a wide stretching contrast in economic policy put forward but each party and the potential for a vote on maybe leaving the EU. All this is having a negative impact on both the pound due to the uncertainty of traders but also on the economy as business hold back orders.

This generally has a larger impact closer to the events so a period of Sterling losses is widely expected. Rates however do not move in a straight line so timing a transfer will be key which is what our service here is all about, so if you would like some assistance and information on the potential events that could impact your worth feel free to contact myself Steve Eakins via [email protected]