Will the AUD weaken over 2 again?

AUDGBP Braces for an Important Week of Data

GBPAUD has remained above 1.90 but expectations to hit 2 again in the future seem likely. Last night the RBA confirmed that they will be considering further interest rate cuts in the future, all of this on the back of a weakened economy. The fears surrounding another AUD sell off seem to me very real although I would not expect this to really manifest until the second half of 2015.

GBPAUD should improve a little for AUD sellers as we approach the UK election, indeed tomorrow might be a good day to look at a GBPAUD transfer with the UK budget likely to cause some volatility on the pound. If you need to buy or sell the Aussie why not get in touch to chekc your price and find out our opinions on the forecast. Please speak to me [email protected] to learn more!