Selling AUD Opportunity!

AUDGBP Looks for a Low with PMI Data Ahead

The Aussie is predicted to fall in the coming months as the RBA cut further their base interest rate. There is also uncertainty over the UK election which could really help indicate a good strategy with which to approach any AUD to GBP trades clients might have to consider. Basically selling sooner rather than later really does appear to be the best way to go!

Once you have made up your mind that you do want to do such an exchange we can then help with practical assistance catching the right spikes for you. For example the AUD soared to 1.90 recently against the pound which I highlighted to many of may clients. Do you have any future trades involving the AUD or GBP? If so why not speak to me on [email protected] to find out the latest news and information to help you get the most for your money.