Will GBPAUD break over 2 this week?

AUDGBP Looks for Gains After Friday Bounce

GBPAUD has been climbing lately as fears in the Eurozone rise and the UK economy goes from strength to strength. Will little Australian data out this week attention will focus on the UK GDP release on Friday and risk appetite.

GBPAUD has broken over the 1 gbp for 2 aud once this year already, can it manage it again? It all appears to be heading in the right direction but nothing should be taken for granted on exchange rates. I would recommend a Limit order at 1 gbp for 2 aud to guarantee your price if it is hit.

Getting the best exchange rate and understanding everything in the future that could drive your price is key to getting the best for your money. To speak to a currency specialist about what to expect on the GBPAUD exchange rate this week please email me Jonathan on [email protected]