A quiet week of movement for GBP/AUD exchange rates – important speech today to look out for (Daniel Wright)

AUDGBP Lower as Sterling Gets a Growth Boost

With the markets still poised and waiting on any movements of a deal with Greece and minimal economic data we have seen very little movement in the rates this week.

Later on today we have Governor of the Bank of England speaking at the ‘inclusive capitalism’ conference and i’m sure investors and speculators alike will be looking for any hints as to how he plans to deal with the economy in the coming weeks and months.

We have recently broken through and now stayed above the key resistance level of 2 (as predicted on this site a number of times this year) and I feel that there is now every chance we may see rates push on to the next level in the coming weeks.

I don’t expect a huge movement however a level of 2.10 would not be totally out of the question in the next month or so.

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