AUD rates climbing – China investment data drives rates for next 24 hours

AUD GBP Lower as Traders Await RBA Meeting

GBPAUD rates have show signs of improvements recently as concerns with regards to China continues to have an impact. Levels I personally think are currently range bound between 2.10-2.15 at the moment until we have the next economic surprise or growth forecast change. As a result here we can help being your eyes and ears on the market helping you time any trade you may well have. So highlighting the opportunities for both the buyers and the sellers at the peak within the current range. Plus with SPIKE NOTIFICATIONS we can add further value still.

This evening we have more of such data coming from Chine, on this occasion it is data showing the amount of foreign investment in China.  This is expected to fall from 8.3% to 8% showing concerns for the region in general which will probably continue to push rates further up for AUD buyers and down for AUD sellers.  So another trading opportunity potentially for the anyone buying Australian dollars but for AUD sellers something to potentially avoid.

Medium term forecast I generally expect rates to continue to climb for GBPAUD traders as concerns continue to intensify for China and Australia while UK data improves. Interest rate decision will remain key for big changes through ranges in the market, so look out for UK data helping highlight interest rates going up at the start of next year.

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