RBA interest rate decision to come in overnight (Joshua Privett)

AUDGBP Higher but Risks Weigh on Aussie

Overnight the Reserve Bank of Australia will be announcing  its interest rate decision for the Australian economy.

Glenn Stevens, the Governor of the RBA, has been discussing the positive aspects of the Australian economy over recent months, a 180 from his comments at the start of the year.

Due to his recent change of tone, it seems that instead of further rate cuts, which he alluded to in the summer, he may now be putting any such decisions on hold until 2016.

The Australian Dollar has been gaining against most major currencies over the past week due the consensus that no rate cut will take affect. 

As such I don’t expect a huge amount of volatility in the rates tomorrow. Should this be confirmed then GBP/AUD may dip slightly lower than the 2.13’s on offer, however, I believe rates should still be above 2.10.

The rate statement will also give us a better idea of Steven’s long term view of the economy in the wake of Chinese slowdowns.

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