AUD rates driven by end of year trades

AUDGBP Tests 0.5600 Once More as BoE Cuts QE

Festive trading with GBPAUD

Trading levels over the festive period are normally down which results in quick, unexpected movements. Please don’t assume that just because most people are slowing down that the market stops, that is just not the case. Over the last 72 hours rates have moved by over 3 cents for anyone with a GBPAUD transfer.

If you have a transfer to make within the next 6 weeks make sure to get in contact. Call me directly, STEVE EAKINS on 01494 787 478 or email me at [email protected]

As we run up to the end of the year there is a inflated amount of demand for AUD and GBP as investors move funds before respective tax year ends across most of the globe. This again changes the demand for currencies and therefore its respective value meaning that timing a transfer can make a significant difference.

Later today we have host of US data due including DURABLE GOODS orders and HOME PURCHASES. As with most economies globally their internal strength has come from consumer spending which is in turn being set by the value of their house. As a result these releases will be keenly watched and will probably set the direction of the flow of money for the next 24 hours.

If you have a transfer to make and would like some more information, some live prices or indeed forecasts please get in contact. Call myself STEVE EAKINS at 01494 787 478 or email me at [email protected]