Will the Australian dollar weaken?

AUDGBP Drops as Aussie Borders Close Until 2022

If you need to buy Australian dollars then moving sooner rather than later seems the wise move since there appears a very strong likelihood of a further weakening of the pound and risk appetite seems to be very much skewed towards the riskier currencies like the Australian dollar. With a much higher interest rate than the UK, US and Eurozone investors have been buying up the Australian dollar and Kiwi dollar to capitalise on the very favourable returns on offer.

There now appears to be a very strong likelihood that the currency markets will enter a period consolidation as investors take advantage of the improvements in the global outlook and search for an ever higher yield on their investments. The Australian dollar will I believe become more and more expensive to buy in the future, if you wish to learn more about what is driving your exchange rate and try to get a better deal for your money please speak to me Jonathan on [email protected]