Australian Dollar gains back ground on Sterling due to comments from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (Daniel Wright)

AUD GBP Lower as Traders Await RBA Meeting

The Australian Dollar gained back a little ground today that it had recently lost against Sterling following comments from head of the Bank of England Mark Carney. Carney commented that interest rates would not be going up in the U.K for a long time and that the outlook for the U.K economy wasn’t as rosy as many had thought.

Following these comments Sterling lost ground against the AUD and for those looking to sell Australian Dollars a brief opportunity arose even with China and the Chinese issues still lurking in the background.

It would not surprise me to see RBA Governor Glenn Stevens start to look into cutting rates in the near future due to the problems in China and the issues it may cause the Australian economy and should this end up being the case then we may see the Australian DOllar weaken off a little in the coming weeks.

Should China remain quiet then a move back close to 2 may well be a possibility but there is one thing that is for sure and that is that you need to be extremely vigilant if you are looking to buy or sell Australian Dollars in the near future.

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