Australian Dollar has a volatile 24 hours – Chinese data on Monday will be key (Daniel Wright)

Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP gains by 10% since April

The Australian Dollar has faced an extremely volatile 24 hours as global stocks feel the burn once again. China once again led to Australian Dollar weakness overnight however unemployment figures showed that unemployment remained at 5.8% against expectations of a rise to 5.9%. This gave the Australian Dollar a little support in what may be set to be a torrid time for the Australian Dollar should China continue to struggle.

On Tuesday morning in Australia (Monday night in the U.K) we have Chinese growth figures being released. Reports are that we may see the worst growth for China in over 20 years. Although the growth will still be a solid growth at 6.8% this is still seen as a negative for China as growth figures there have been exceptional over the years.

Should we see the figure as expected we may see the Australian Dollar have a tough night and should you be looking to buy Australian Dollars then this may be the opportunity for you.

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