What will 2016 bring for the Australian dollar?

AUD to GBP Lower as Pound Recovery Continues

So folks it is that predictable time of the year when everyone is busy making predictions on the future and the year ahead. With regard to the Aussie one firm point will be that the rate will continue to be driven by events in China, Australia’s largest trading partner. Rather than try to predict what will be happening in the future with the Aussie why don’t we take a closer look at China as it seems that will help us more. So let me start by predicting that this year the Aussie is going to have a very turbulent year, principally because of the uncertainty of what will happen next in China. I think it highly like China will embark on further easing whether by cutting their interest rate or by devaluing the Yuan. The main effect on the Aussie from the Chinese market intervention was to strengthen the Australian dollar as it made it more likely the Australian economy would be faring better in the future.

I think the current spike on the Australian dollar should therefore be capitalised on since longer term the Aussie will strengthen. I think the pound is going to weaken and that investors eager for a boost on their returns will be stocking the Australian dollar to take advantage of the higher interest rates and returns available. I expect the Aussie will therefore claw back further ground against botrh thr

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