Australian Dollar stable following mixed results in RBA minutes (Joshua Privett)

AUD to GBP Lower Despite UK Job Figures

Very early this morning minutes from the most recent meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia indicated an optimistic tone that markets were perplexed to hear given the current global market situation. The minutes has a mixed tone overall which is why GBP/AUD buying rates for the Australian Dollar are largely similar compared to yesterday morning. 

Glenn Stevens, the Governor of the RBA, noted the success that his emergency measures in 2015 have had to insulate the Australian economy from the recent global downturn. He highlights that consumer spending and house building are up as evidence for this.

However, he did also mention a watchful tone when it comes to regional events which could harm the Australian economy, and therefore the Australian Dollar. 

He made particular mention of the ever evolving situation in China, and stated that if China lowers the value of its currency once more, he may need to take similar steps to ensure balance remained between Australia and its trading partner.

This mixed tone of positive elements as well as highlighting the quickly evolving global landscape is why rates have been largely stable this morning.

The main movements on buying rates for Australian Dollars will likely be coming from events in the UK and Europe. David Cameron is meeting with EU leaders to discuss the proposals to avoid the UK’s exit from the EU, and any positive news emerging from the meeting will likely spell severe strength for Sterling.

To put this in context, most banks had forecast a 20% drop in the value of Sterling should the UK leave the EU. Sterling has been losing value as a Brexit became more and more likely. Positive steps to reverse this should have the opposite effect.

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