Could the Australian Dollar benefit from the ECB’s decision on Thursday (Dayle Littlejohn)

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This Thursday Mario Draghi President of the European Central Bank is to give his opinion on the state of the European economy. A topic on the agenda, will no doubt be the Quantitative Easing program that started back in March 2015.

Inflation has dropped over the last 2 months, therefore economists are predicting Mr Draghi could increase the money supply entering into the Eurozone each month.

If this is the case Eurozone investors will be forced to sell off their Euro positions and invest in other currencies, which will pay higher returns on their investments. Safe havens such as the US dollar and Swiss Franc will benefit however I wouldn’t be surprised to see currencies with high interest rates such as the Australian Dollar benefit also.

Regardless of the European Central Banks decision, I still stand by my previous predictions that GBPAUD could have a sustained period in the 1.80s, as long as the Chinese stock market does not crash like we have seen in previous months.

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