GBP/AUD exchange rates still continuing to test the 1.90 level (Joshua Privett)

AUD to GBP: UK Vaccine Push Boosts Sterling

At this point, it seems that it is only a matter of time for when GBP/AUD rates will drop below 1.90.

The factors which are causing the Pound to weaken so extensively against the Australian Dollar are not only an long-term economics but also politics.

The UK economy has been slowing. The men at its helm have said so themselves, and they have regularly been proven correct by the data released for markets to gauge recent economic performance.

The reason GBP/AUD levels almost broke through the magical 1.90 level is because UK retail sales figures released yesterday morning were disappointing and underwhelming. 

The retail sector has been positing poor figures for months, but the consensus was for a turnaround in February. However, instead of the 2.6% gains forecasted, only a 0.1% improvement was forecasted.

The severe market reaction was because one of the most significant events of the month, UK growth figures, are to be released this afternoon at 15:00 GMT.

These retail sales figures are suggestive of a further underwhelming figure for total growth, which may be enough to push GBP/AUD below 1.90 finally.

Due to the political element of a looming Brexit, this is why analysts are entirely confident of a breakthrough the 1.90 level and below as we edge closer to June.

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