GBP/AUD falls further following strong Australian growth (Joshua Privett)

The Australian Dollar’s rally against the Pound has continued overnight with solid GDP growth figures for the month of February in Australia dispelling much of the recent anxiety over performance following events in China.

Growth for the year has now been revised upwards to 3%, a fantastically high figure compared to a UK economy who have recently had their forecasts revised downwards below 2%.

Since Black Monday last August Australia has been forced to diversify their trade partners away from their reliance on China, and such efforts appear to be bearing fruit. With the strong US Dollar and a still relatively cheap AUD the American market for Australian goods has exploded.

Unfortunately, due to the UK’s reliance on financial services to fuel their economy, the recent global slides on the financial markets caused by weaker global growth, most principally in China, are something which we cannot hide from. Hence the Pound’s prolonged struggle since December.

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