Will GBPAUD Continue To Decline This Week?

Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP gains by 10% since April

The Aussie Dollar has gained significantly against the pound in recent weeks, and I think this week in particular could be important as to whether that trend continues.

The Aussie has been boosted by bullish comments from the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) during their minute’s speeches, high interest rates, a mini-revival in commodity prices and Sterling weakness due to the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming EU referendum which is now only 100 days away.

Whether the Aussie will continue this bullish trend could depend on Thursday’s employment report. Employment figures are always important, but presently they are of greater importance than usual as they’re the main target of RBA policy and can determine the interest rates set by the central bank. High interest rates are one of the reasons the Aussie has shown so much strength lately so anyone with an interest in value of the Aussie dollar, perhaps for an upcoming currency requirement for example, should be keeping a close eye on that report which is scheduled for Thursday at  12.30am (GMT Time).

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