A really busy week ahead for Australian Dollar exchange rates with lots of data from Australia and China (Daniel Wright)

AUD GBP Higher as UK Inflation Dips Slightly

So we have an extremely busy week ahead for those with an interest in the Australian Dollar with lots of economic data due out to impact AUD exchange rates.

Monday morning brings Chinese inflation data and Australian Home loans.

Wednesday brings Australian Consumer Confidence data and Chinese export/Trade Balance figures.

Thursday brings the Australian unemployment rate.

Friday is the big one…. We have Chinese Industrial Production, Retail Sales, GDP (Growth) figures and an NBS press conference on how the Chinese economy is performing.

All in all if you are looking to buy or sell Australian Dollars in the near future then it is key that you keep well on top of the action as it unfolds and it may even be prudent to take advantage of contracts such as limit orders, stop loss and forward contracts.

These are all contract types we offer, a limit order is where you set a level that you would like to achieve, a stop loss is where you set a level you would like to go no lower than and a forward contract is for booking a rate in advance for just a small deposit.

The limit order and stop loss are free to place and run 24 hours a day which is really handy as the Australian Dollar moves all day and night, if you are based in the U.K then at least you know you are covered when the Chinese and Australian releases come out overnight.

If you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail then you are more than welcome to email me (Daniel Wright) directly on [email protected] and I will be happy to get in touch to explain how to utilise them.

If you have the need to buy or indeed sell  Australian Dollars due to a property purchase/sale or for any other reason then it is important to have a proactive broker on your side and one that can get you the very top levels of exchange – It is very easy to settle for second best in this market but it is key to realise that even the slightest improvement in a rate of exchange can save you a huge sum of money.

If you would like to have a brief discussion with me (Daniel Wright) as to how I will be able to assist you with any pending currency exchange then feel free to email me directly on [email protected] and I will be more than happy to get in touch with you personally.