GBP/AUD sees rise after Obama visit (Joshua Privett)

AUD GBP Steady Above 0.5400 with Melbourne Reopening

Today saw some serious gains for Australian Dollar buyers today, with GBP/AUD moving up by more than 3 cents from the absolute lows to begin today.

The thanks for this can be lain squarely at the feet of Barack Obam’s current and final visit to the UK, and the increased confidence brought to markets that the UK will be avoiding a potential Brexit.

Obama is more popular than the UK’s own PM in the UK surprisingly, and his presence and pleading for the UK to remain for the sake of the international community, is expected to result in further votes for the Remain camp.

Well, this is what the consensus currently is in the currency world and this is what caused the reaction on GBP/AUD rates of exchange.

Unfortunately for Australain Dollar buyers this is likely to be short-term fanfare rather than any true change in the current uncertainty surrounding the Referendum, and therefore on recent trends for buying AUD rates.

The most recent polls do suggest that the camps are still neck-and-neck, with the key fact that 12% of the population are still undecided to continue to feed market uncertainty and Pound sell-offs in the run-up to June.

Furthermore, the recent gains in Australian growth, the slight recovery in the commodity markets, and a more stable China will continue to feed Australian Dollar strength against the Pound which has been a constant factor since February.

The next piece of data will come out late on Monday which will likely paint the Australian Dollar in this positive light, and begin the continued negative trend on GBP/AUD.

With the current volatility on GBP/AUD, further opportunities may present themselves on Monday to be seized before the data releases emerge.

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