Will The RBA Attempt To Weaken AUD?

AUD GBP Erases Earlier Losses to Point Higher

The Aussie Dollar’s recent strength against Sterling was put on hold yesterday, as speculation surrounding the prospect of an interest rate cut from the RBA weighed on the value of AUD.

I’ve written previously about how the strengthening Aussie Dollar could pose a threat to the economy of Australia should the currency become overvalued, and I think the RBA will act when either US Interest Rates are increased, or when the Aussie economy begins showing signs of a slowdown that’s directly a result of an overvalued currency.

The increasing commodity prices have so far this year stimulated the Australian economy sufficiently enough for the RBA to hold back on interest rate cut’s, although last night was interesting as RBA Governor Glenn Stevens made some disparaging comments with regards to the Aussie Dollar, stating that ‘an appreciating exchange rate could complicate the adjustment under way in the economy’.

If this was an attempt to ‘jawbone’ (encourage the weakening of a currency by talking it down), then perhaps we can expect to see further attempts by prominent personnel to weaken the currency so anyone interested in AUD’s value should pay close attention the wording used by Australian Monetary Policy decision makers.

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