Buying anything with Sterling gets more expensive

GBP to AUD Steady as Markets Consider BoE and RBA Rate Cuts

GBPAUD rates have continued their fall recently, we have seen rates drop by nearly 10 cents within the last 14 days.

This fall can be pointed flatly at the uncertainty about the UK and its future membership in the EU.  The vote is now just 9 days away and this movement is widely expected to continue. Markets however are not moving in a straight line and with this movement there are in turn opportunities.  If you want to trade now please apply for an account – email myself Steve Eakins at [email protected] for a quote price or contact.

Yesterday afternoon, exchange rates were very volatile, we saw rates move a cent down and then a cent up within a period of 10 minutes, rather scary to be honest but indeed this shows the opportunity and indeed how important it is to watch markets not just daily but almost every 10 minutes to get the best price.  This is the service that we offer, being our clients eyes and ear on the market.  Once we have a better understanding of a client’s situation we can add value by highlighting days and events to be available and getting in contact when these opportunities are available.  Timing a transfer well and poorly yesterday for example on a £200,000 transfer could have secured you an additional AUD 6,000!

Moving forward, eyes are now on the US and the Federal Reserve interest rate decision on Wednesday, this is expected to confirm no change in interest rates but demand for currencies will change as a result.  WE expect the AUD may get more expensive on this event as demand for the AUD climbs.

If you are in the market at the moment looking to move money over for a property purchase, emigrating or investment there are not many opportunities but they are around.  Any movement up should really be seen as one of these few opportunities to take advantage of rather than a change in trend.

For a full breakdown of these events, live prices or to register for SPIKE notifications please get in contact – email me your details and situation or any questions to [email protected] and I will be happy to contact you personally.