Will GBPAUD fall back into the 1.80s before the EU referendum (Dayle Littlejohn)

AUD to GBP Exchange Rate Moves to December Highs with UK Lockdown

With the EU referendum only 5 days away and GBPAUD falling by the day I wouldn’t be surprised to see GBPAUD in the 1.80s by Thursday. Furthermore after the UK public decide the UKs future in regards to EU membership I expect to see GBPAUD either fall into the 1.70s or rise above 2.

Recent polls are suggesting the out campaign have nudged ahead which is a worry for any client holding onto Sterling to buy Australian Dollars. No doubt the decision this week is going to dictate sterling exchange rates for many years to come.

As for economic data from Australia this week, the RBA are set to release their latest minutes Tuesday morning. It will be interesting to see if the RBA are planning future interest rate cuts. If this is the case expect some Australian dollar weakness.

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