Theresa May’s Appointment as Prime Minister causes Sterling Strength (Daniel Charles Johnson)

AUD to GBP Rate: Australian Dollar Lower Against the Pound Despite Better-Than-Expected Employment Numbers

Post-Brexit Sterling has lost considerable value against the Aussie. Theresa May is due to be sworn in as the United Kingdom’s new PM later today. This has caused a much needed Sterling rally against the Australian Dollar with GBP/AUD breaking through 1.75 earlier in the today’s trading. Down under, Malcolm Turnbull has been elected for his second term as Prime Minister by a very narrow margin. Historically, the appointment of a Prime Minister would have a positive effect on the country’s currency,  on this occasion however this was overshadowed by the UK British PM’s appointment.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have mentioned the possibility of a rate cut. It does look as tough the RBA has stalled recently, which could be due to a firm government not being in place. With the appointment of Turnbull this no longer the case. Australia rely heavily on raw material export to the Chinese, with the high price of the Aussie their exports are becoming less appealing. A cut will devalue the Aussie and keep the Chinese happy. I think there is a chance of a cut in coming months and if this does take place expect AUD weakness.

If you are an Australian Dollar seller you are currently in an excellent position. We have not seen these levels since November 2013. The  UK interest rate decision is due tommorow and if there is a drop in rates it will create an incredible selling opportunity.

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