Quiet period sees Sterling make minor gains against the Australian Dollar (Joshua Privett)

AUD to GBP: Sterling Higher Versus Aussie Despite Poor GDP

Markets are currently calming down after the surge of negative news which bombarded the UK economy during the first two weeks of the month, where buying Australian Dollar rates tumbled.

To summarise this was the lowest business confidence figures since the great recession which culminated in an interest rate cut in the UK economy, a fresh bout of quantitative easing, and slashed growth forecasts.

Now that the tirade has abated though, standard market forces of large scale buying of the Pound whilst it is cheap and we are seeing the Pound rise (albeit very gradually) due to this increased demand.

However, Australian Dollar buyers should be wary of this Friday where one of the few data releases over the next two weeks are expected – these are UK growth and business investment figures.

Both of these are expected to imitate the underwhelming (a nice way of putting it) data seen at the beginning of the month. Business investment has been siphoned away from the UK since the beginning of this year in the run up to the EU Referendum. There is a reason why investment in the Eurozone is 320% higher than the same time a year before.

As such Australian Dollar sellers may be presented with some further opportunities before this gradual rises may be re-introduced next week.

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