Brexit worries and risk adverse attitudes keep GBP/AUD below 1.70, will the Pound continue to decline? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate has remained below the 1.70 mark once again today, as Brexit concerns continue to weigh on the Pounds value.

Markets have been quiet today anyway as many wait in anticipation for this evenings first US Presidential debate which is bound to be a talking point tomorrow and I wouldn’t rule out it’s effects within foreign exchange markets.

As markets await this evening there has been a lack of risk appetite and risk taking within markets as daily trading ranges are thin, and commodity currencies such as the Aussie Dollar have weakened off slightly.

Today’s slight weakening of the Aussie Dollar is in contrast with last week, as the Aussie Dollar quietly gained throughout the week and ended up being one of the weeks best performers. Attention was off the currency last week as a number of other major economies were under the spotlight as the US Fed, Bank of Japan and RBNZ all made interest rate decisions, and whilst this was going on AUD quietly outperformed which is why we are looking at a mid-market level below 1.70.

There is a lot of downward pressure on the Pound at the moment as negative sentiment surrounds the UK economy.

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