Pound to Australian Dollar rate drops after markets are disappointed with today’s UK data releases (Joseph Wright)

Australian Dollar Looking Bullish

Investors have adopted a bearish tone towards the Pound over the past few trading sessions, as not even poor employment data out of Australia could push the GBP/AUD upward over the days session.

Sterling had got off to a good start after Aussie Dollar weakness due to the news release down under early this morning, but it’s since dropped by almost 2 cents as Tuesdays weak Inflation data is continuing to weigh on the Pounds value.

Personally, I think that anyone with a currency requirement involving the Pound should be aware of the negative effects of Tuesdays figure on sentiment towards the UK economy and therefore, the Pound. Inflation is measured by the Consumer Price Index and the CPI figure came out below economists expectations and this has dampened any remnants of positive sentiment towards the UK economy at present.

Today the UK released some better than expected Retail Sales Figures, yet despite beating economists expectations the Pound has still struggled to gain any positive momentum and I think this is an indication of the health of the Pound at the moment.

I expect the Pound to fall once again as there is still room for for profit taking after it’s upward movement from the low 1.70’s over the recent months since the Brexit vote. At the same time either the Bank of England or the Reserve Bank of Australia could cut interest rates once again so anyone with a currency requirement involving both currencies should be aware of this.

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