The Pound loses further ground against the Aussie Dollar, with further falls a possibility (Joseph Wright)

AUDGBP Continues to Rise, But How Long For?

The GBP/AUD exchange rate has dropped back below the 1.7500 mark today we’ve seen the Pound sold off across the board.

After hitting it’s best levels for some time just yesterday we’ve seen quite a steep sell-off during today’s trading session, and this has been triggered by what I would imagine to be profit taking as is quite usual on a Friday afternoon within the UK. There hasn’t been any UK specific data released to prompt today’s sell-off so I’d imagine that profit taking is behind it.

As a currency broker for one of the UK’s largest specialist currency brokers I have felt a decline in positive sentiment towards the Pound over the past week or so, as the hard data out of the UK hasn’t fallen in line with the recent business surveys (Purchasing Managers Index surveys), in the sense that the surveys were particularity bullish whereas the hard data released has disappointed and this has been reflected within currency markets as we’re seeing the Pound fall against a basket of major currencies after rising off the back of the surveys.

The Aussie Dollar has been under some pressure of its own as like with the Canadian and New Zealand Dollar, the commodity currencies price movement will be determined by whether the US raise Interest Rates. If rates increase in the US I along with many economists am expecting a fall in the Aussie Dollar, so Aussie Dollar sellers should be aware of this relationship between the two.

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