GBP/AUD likely to remain around its current levels of 1.60 according to analysts (Joseph Wright)

Increase in Risk Appetite Helps Support the Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar has been buoyed this week as Chinese GDP figures impressed and the case for an interest rate cut in the short term future is looking unlikely.

This positive news for the Australian Dollar has coincided with the added pressure on the Pounds value, and only now are we beginning to see signs that the Pound will attempt to stage a comeback as the currency had been falling almost daily for a couple of weeks now.

It appears that the GBP/AUD pair have some support at the 1.60 level although yesterday we did see the pair dip below this level for a short while, so those with a currency requirement involving the Pound and Aussie should be aware that the 1.60 level isn’t the strongest of support levels, and further downside is a possibility for the Pound.

With that being said, Westpac recently offered their own price forecast for the Sterling to Aussie Dollar pair and they expect it to remain around 1.60. If we’re to see the Pound stop falling and now become range bound, the timing of currency conversions suddenly become all the more important as a 1 cent difference can make a difference of 1000’s of Pounds/Dollars when converting large amounts of money.

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