GBP/AUD Briefly hits 1.66 (Daniel Johnson)

Following Trump’s election as President we have seen Sterling rise in value against the Aussie. This was due to Trump’s stance on trade negotiations following Brexit, he is said to be far more forthcoming than his predecessor.We did see Sterling fall in value yesterday following news that a leaked memo suggesting that there would be an additional 30’000 civil servants needed in order to have a successful exit from the EU.

The news was scuppered this morning after the report was deemed to be a fallacy. Sterling immediately rallied in value up to 1.66.

Data Releases of Consequence this Week from Australia

During the early hours of Thursday, 01.30 to be precise we will see the release of Australian unemployment figures. Unemployment is a key measure of the health of an economy and could well cause volatility on the market. If you are buying the Australian Dollar it may be wise to take advantage of current market highs to avoid any potential losses caused by this release.

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