How will the GBP/AUD pair be affected by the Trump Train in the upcoming months? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Looks for a Catalyst at 0.8300 Level

The Aussie Dollar, amongst other high yielding riskier assets declined yesterday after it was announced that Donald Trump won the presidential election in the US.

The Pound on the other hand was buoyed and climbed to it’s highest levels in some time vs a number of major currencies such as the US Dollar, Aussie Dollar and the Euro.

Exchange rates were very volatile yesterday as the markets decided which direction to move in, and it’s during times like these that timing currency conversions is of paramount importance because the difference between trading at the best time and worst time of the day can make a huge difference.

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The reason for the strengthening of the Pound, and why I think it could continue going into next year is because Donald Trump has previously highlighted his openness to doing business with the UK, which is in stark contrast to the current president, Obama who has previously suggested that we would be at the back of the queue.

When markets are uncertain regarding future policies/power structures there is a historical pattern of moving funds out of riskier currencies such as commodity based ones, like the Aussie Dollar.

Personally I think the Trump presidency could continue to boost the Pound over the upcoming months depending on how smoothly the Brexit process plays out.

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