Trump win causes Australian Dollar weakness vs Sterling (Tom Holian)

AUDGBP Bounces After Setting Lows for the Year

We now have a new president of the United States of America with Donald Trump winning comprehensively over Hillary Clinton. This has caused global risk appetite to wane and this has resulted in all the commodity based currencies weakening throughout today’s trading session.

Sterling has increased against the Australian Dollar by over 5 cents from the high to the low and I expect this rally to continue to in the short term.

As predicted in many of my previous articles the Trump win has surprised many and meant that the riskier currencies including the AUD, NZD & ZAR have all weakened against Sterling.

As we move into the next few days I think we could see further volatility and my expectation is for Sterling to rise a little further against the Australian Dollar.

China takes 1 in every 3 shiploads of Australian exports and Trump has previously stated that he will increase tariffs on Chinese goods that it tries to sell to the US so if this does happen this could in effect be catastrophic to the Australian economy. However, I think in practice this is rather unlikely.

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