Sterling vs the Australian Dollar could hit 1.70 tonight if the US Federal Reserve increase interest rates (Tom Holian)

Increase in Risk Appetite Helps Support the Australian Dollar

Rates to buy Australian Dollars have been flirting either side of 1.70 recently in anticipation of the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates at tonight’s meeting.

Typically when the US raises interest rates this results in US Dollar strength and weakens riskier commodity based currencies as global investors plough into the US Dollar.

With the chances of an interest rate hike approximately 95% it appears as though this is a foregone conclusion but as the Fed have been rather cautious during 2016 as far as raising interest rates I think when they finally confirm the action tonight then this could see GBPAUD rates break through 1.70.

The Australian economy has been wobbling recently and showing signs of a slowdown with GDP hitting its lowest level since 2011 last week. Clearly the issues surrounding a ‘soft’ or a ‘hard’ Brexit have been weighing heavily on Sterling vs Australian Dollar exchange rates and I think tonight’s decision could be the catalyst for Sterling strength.

Australian unemployment data is due out overnight and with GDP having fallen recently I would not be surprised to see this data coming out worse than the estimate of 5.6%.

Tomorrow afternoon the Bank of England will announce their latest interest rate decision and although I don’t expect any change in policy any positive comments by governor Mark Carney may see Sterling go in an upwards direction.

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