Australian Dollar gains on USD and other majors – Drops against the Pound following ‘Brexit’ Speech (Daniel Wright)

AUD GBP on the Retreat with BoE Rate Meeting Due

Today turned out to be a mixed day for Australian Dollar exchange rates, seeing gains against the U.S Dollar yet losing a great deal against Sterling.

The main reason for this is that the Pound had the best day we have seen in months, posting large gains against every major currency which included a 2% gain over the Australian Dollar and led to the U.S Dollar falling across the board too.

For those looking to sell Australian Dollars and buy Sterling this may be the start of the trend turning around but only the next 24/48 hours will give us a true indication as to whether this is just a knee-jerk reaction or whether we are about to see Sterling exchange rates pick up dramatically.

If you are holding Australian Dollars and you need to bring them back into Sterling then now may be the time to act. We are only a few percent away from the best time to do this in three years and now that Sterling is creeping back into fashion this may be the time to start seriously considering the options available to you.

Today we have Consumer Confidence figures in Australia and tomorrow we will be focusing on unemployment data over in Australia, not to mention the Bank of England interest rate decision on Thursday in the U.K so we still have an extremely busy week to come for both the Australian Dollar and the Pound.

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