Iron ore rally triggers Pound sell-off, will the GBPAUD exchange rate continue to fall? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Pushing Lower on UK Rate Outlook

The GBP/AUD exchange rate is currently trading close to a 2 month low for a number of reasons, with the likelihood being that the Pound will continue to see weakness in my opinion.

The Aussie Dollar is what’s known as a commodity currency as it relies heavily on exports, and with the price of iron ore surging the Aussies value has been boosted. At the same time Brexit jitters are really beginning to weigh on the Pound’s value as currency markets await the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not the UK government require parliamentary approval, before invoking Article 50 and initiating the Brexit process.

The Pound has lost value across the board this week after a much talked about interview with Theresa May offered the marketplace an idea of the PM’s plans for the Brexit. Many viewed her comments to carry a ‘Hard Brexit’ bias although she denies this, irrespective of her claim the Pound has been sold off heavily in the wake of her comments with the UK not being able to keep ‘bits’ of EU membership being one of the stand out comments.

The general consensus from the interview was that the Government will be focusing on restricting immigration as opposed to retaining access to the EU’s single market, and the Pound has been softening since this interview.

The outcome of the Governments appeal to the Supreme Court is expected to be released within the next few days, although the exact date is unknown so feel free to get in touch if you wish to be kept up to date with how this event unfolds.

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