Will the pound continue to rise or fall against the Australian dollar? (Dayle Littlejohn)

AUD GBP Drops as Australian Business Activity Disappoints

Over the last three months GBPAUD exchange rates have risen 10 cents making a 200,000 Australian dollar purchase £7,350 cheaper!

The pounds improvement against the Australian dollar is for two main reasons:

Firstly the High Court ruled UK Prime Minister Theresa May does not have the power to invoke Article50 on her own which means the UK should remain in the single market for a longer period or potentially in defiantly. It’s key to note the PM did appeal the decision to the Supreme Court and the verdict is set to be released this month.

Donald Trump became President Elect and the US raised interest rates, which meant investors moved their assets away from riskier commodity currencies such as the Australian dollar and flocked into the safe haven US dollar.

Looking ahead the Supreme Court verdict should have a major impact on the pounds value. If the Supreme Court rule in favour of the High Court I don’t believe MPs will vote in favour of leaving the single market therefore the pound could continue to make gains against the Australian dollar.

However if the Supreme Court overturn the High Court an exit from the single market could occur as early as March and therefore the pound could fall against the Australian dollar to the lower 1.60s.

As for the Australian dollar, GDP numbers for the third quarter of 2016 failed to impress and another poor reading would mean Australian would enter recession (the first time in 25 years). Couple this with the Reserve Bank of Australia comments about another interest rate cut, I expect the Australian dollar to have a tough start to the year.

Therefore it looks like the pound and the Australian dollar both have the potential to devalue and therefore the question will be which currency devalues more than the other? You will have options available to you therefore I would recommend getting in touch so I can outline your options and also keep you up to date of the events as they are released.

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