Aussie Dollar remains strong despite positive news for the Pound, where to next for the GBP/AUD pair? (Joseph Wright)

AUDGBP Starts the Week Higher After Jobs Slump

Despite a boost to Sterling exchange rates yesterday afternoon the Aussie Dollar has continued to remain strong, bucking the trend which is a good indicator of Aussie Dollar strength right now.

The Pound rallied against most currencies yesterday after the Bank of England’s Kristin Forbes suggested that an interest rate hike in the UK should still be considered due to the reasonable levels of economic growth and the large amounts of ‘easy money’ available to the markets.

Additionally, there were comments from David Jones, a Brexit minister in the House of Commons that helped give the Pound a further boost yesterday afternoon. Jones announced that the House of Commons will be asked to approve the final Brexit deal before it’s put forward and this move leans towards a ‘softer Brexit’ which is why the pound gained value.

The reason for the Aussie Dollars resistance to a surging Pound is the hawkish Reserve Bank of Australia’s comments this week, whilst Chinese economic data has also impressed which is a good indicator for the Aussie Dollar strength in future due to the economies being closely linked.

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