The future of GBPAUD exchange rates (Dayle Littlejohn)

AUDGBP Starts the Week Higher After Jobs Slump

For many of my Australian dollar clients the questions that is asked regularly is will rates climb again above 2 anytime soon. My response hasn’t changed for a while now, quite simply I believe its very unlikely.

This week the Reserve Bank of Australia kept interest rates on hold and the consensus is that the next shift would actually be a rise to combat inflation. The problem I have with this is that this would cause the Australian dollar to strengthen further causing exports to become more expensive. Nevertheless a cut looks unlikely anytime soon.

As for the pound, its becoming clear that the UK will start the process of leaving the EU at the end of March therefore further falls for the pound are expected. For Australian dollar buyers within the next 2 months I expect rates will continue to fall further therefore purchasing upfront may be wise.

As for economic data this week, the UK are set to realise their latest inflation numbers Tuesday morning. Inflation has been rising of late due to a cheaper pound and the bond purchasing program installed by the Bank of England. I feel inflation could rise further and therefore a rise in the pounds value could occur. For Australian dollar buyers this week, this could be a release you look to target.

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