Will GBPAUD fall into the 1.50s? (Dayle Littlejohn)

AUD GBP Seeks Support from Australian Employment Data

The Australian dollar has gained momentum against sterling and since the end of May 2016. GBPAUD exchange rates were fluctuating above 2 and throughout the last 9 months GBPAUD has dropped 38 cents and the next milestone would be to break into the 1.50s.

The reason why the Australian dollar has performed so well against sterling is that the Australian dollar has been strengthening and sterling has been devaluing.

Australian interest rates sit at 1.5% and speculative traders leave their assets within the Australian dollar to make a decent amount of interest. We have seen this occur even more in recent months as speculators have sold off US dollars to buy Australian dollars as Donald Trump policies are a risk for speculative traders. In addition Iron Ore a commodity that Australia heavily rely on as an export has been on the charge and is up 50%.

As for the pound, Brexit continues to steal the headlines and this week the House of Lords are set to give their verdict to whether Theresa May can start the process of leaving the EU towards the end of the March. Some Lords have stated they plan to block the Brexit Bill until amendments have been made. For example some of the Lords believe MPs should have a final vote on the deal Theresa May manages to negotiate with EU leaders.

It has been documented last week that the House of Lords could be abolished if they go against Government, therefore I believe they will not rock the boat and they will approve Theresa May’s Brexit plan. Consequently I expect the pound will come under pressure in the weeks to come and a shift into the 1.50s is on the horizon.

For Australian dollar buyers short term, it looks like trading sooner rather than later may be wise! 

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