Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rates and Article 50 (Joshua Privett)

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Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rates are going to be governed by the activity of trillions being traded on the currency markets on Wednesday as the day we have been waiting for since last June, Article 50’s triggering, has finally arrived.

Speculators at high street institutions are the actors holding capital large enough that each trade causes buying and selling Australian Dollar rates of exchange to shift. The potential volatility involved in this event is a fantastic opportunity in their world for exaggerated profits. Each will be second guessing the other in buying a selling activity, with millions to be made and lost every few seconds. 

Since this activity is difficult to second guess, the dilemma for Wednesday, not just for buying Australian Dollar rates but a host of currencies connected to Sterling, is becoming a bit more understandable.

Frankly, a significant degree of this volatility depends on the language which Theresa May utilises when addressing Parliament at midday, following the letter she would have sent to the European Council that morning. May’s choice of words even since January has been heavily Pound positive and sometimes alarmingly Pound negative. Australian Dollar buyers and sellers alike should be viewing Wednesday with some degree of risk.

As such, anyone with a Pound to Australian Dollar requirement and who are not willing to gamble on the result on Wednesday may be wise to consider their options ahead of Article 50’s enactment. Even if your requirement to buy or sell Australian Dollars is later on this year, you can pre-book your currency at today’s rates, guaranteeing that rate moving forward rather than relying on an unpredictable market to do the work for you.

Using personal contact with myself to monitor rates of exchange in the run up to Wednesday in order to make an informed decision on your transfer is recommended. As reading this website’s morning and evening posts is not sufficient to keep up to date in an market which changes by the second, particularly around an event such as this.

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