Will the Pound recover from its multi-month low? (Joseph Wright)

AUD GBP Higher Again Despite WA Shutout

The Pound is currently trading at its lowest level against the Australian Dollar since mid-January.

Whilst Pound Sterling has been losing value against most major currencies in recent weeks as the beginning of the Brexit looms, its losses against the Australian Dollar have been more profound as the Aussie Dollar has been going from strength to strength in recent weeks.

If the Australian economy continues to show signs of growth this year, it will break a new record in terms of successive growth and overtake the Netherlands existing record. Australia is only one month away from entering its 104th consecutive quarter of economic growth without a recession, and the Country also has one of the highest interest rates in the developed world so the demand for the currency is understandable.

Its also worth noting that commodity prices have been strengthening recently which is also a positive for the Aussie Dollar due to the Australian economies reliance on its export driven economy.

With so many positives for the Australian Dollar and the Brexit just around corner, I wouldn’t be surprised to see AUD continue to strengthen and I think GBP/AUD is more likely to dip below 1.60 than exceed 1.70.

One potential downside for the Aussie Dollar though is the possibility of the Reserve Bank of Australia cutting Interest Rates in the hope of the Aussie weakening. If the currency becomes too strong it could weigh on the economy, and this will in the minds of the RBA when they consider interest rate decisions.

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