Australian Dollar starting to weaken off as interest rate hike chances start to fade (Daniel Wright)

AUD GBP on the Retreat with BoE Rate Meeting Due

The Australian Dollar is having a slightly rocky time of it at present, due to investors and speculators starting to reverse their opinion that they expected an interest rate hike from the RBA fairly imminently.

The original expectation that the interest rates may rise was due to the economy being in good form and the housing market also rising fairly rapidly, an interest rate rise would help to slow this slightly as it makes it more expensive to get a mortgage therefore should hold demand back a little.

It does appear now that with iron ore prices dropping near to the lows of the year and concerns about China creeping back into the market we may have a slightly shaky period ahead for those holding Australian Dollars, and that Australian Dollar exchange rates may fall in the coming weeks, making the Australian Dollar cheaper to buy.

There are now speculators and investors that expect an interest rate cut from the RBA before the end of the year, this would lead to a large drop in the value of the Australian Dollar. An interest rate cut is generally seen as negative for the currency concerned and a rate hike seen as a positive.

With the decreasing difference between U.S and Australian interest rates too, this is having more of an impact than it usually would as investors would rather have funds sat in USD than AUD as it is perceived as a less riskier currency.

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