Sterling makes gains due to Australian housing market (Daniel Johnson)

AUD GBP Higher after Inflation Data, Sunak Budget Ahead

Exaggerated Property Pricing hinders the Australian Dollar

The pound suffered against the Australian Dollar on Friday due to poor manufacturing and industrial data. Sterling has been rallying against the majority of major currencies since the invocation of article 50 and more confidence has returned to investors due to more certainty regarding trade negotiations post-brexit.  Sterling has made more significant gains against the Australian Dollar however due to concerns over the considerable rise in property prices down under. There is the feeling that exaggerated house prices could hinder domestic growth.

Melbourne and Sydney are the main culprits. It is a similar situation to that of London, with more people being drawn to the larger cities in the hope of a higher wage. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) may keep  monetary policy accommodating as house prices continue to rise.

Home loans data and investment figures are both down and the Aussie has also faltered against the US dollar, hitting a three month low. The Syrian air strikes could also have been a catalyst as investors leave riskier currencies for safe havens such as the green back or the Swiss Franc.

UK Inflation could cause volatility on the exchange

Inflation data in the UK is due out tomorrow and could cause movement on GBP/AUD. The weak price of the pound has caused imported goods to rise in price and these increases could hit consumers. If there is a rapid rise in inflation without an increase in the average wage it will prove detrimental the UK economy. Keep a keen eye on this release.

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