Where next for GBP/AUD? (Daniel Johnson)

AUD GBP Higher after Inflation Data, Sunak Budget Ahead

Snap Election causes Sterling rally

Theresa May announced on Tuesday she would be calling a general election 8th June. Historically, a snap general election would cause the currency in question to weaken, but on this occasion the opposite has occurred. The conservatives are currently significantly ahead in the polls and are solid favourites to win the election. It was a shrewd move by the Prime minister , almost guaranteeing another term in office by timing the election when the competition is so weak.

A conservative government is considered to be positive to the UK economy and investors gained confidence following the announcement and the pound has strengthened considerably over the Australian dollar as a result.

Trade Negotiations a key factor in Sterling value

Following the triggering of article 50 the progression of trade negotiation will be crucial to the value of the pound. Theresa May has already stated the two year target could be unrealistic. A fact that Sir Ivan Rogers, the Head ambassador to the EU pointed out upon his resignation. Sir Ivan thinks it could take up to ten years. The quickest US trade deal took four years so indeed  two years was very optimistic.

Australian Property Bubble and Heavy Reliance on China

Chinese data has not been too strong of late and this could impact the Australian Dollar due to Australia’s heavy reliance on export to the Chinese. Keep a close eye Chinese data releases if you have an Aussie dollar trade pending. The property price problem echoes that of London at the moment with inflated prices around the major cities. This could cause problems for the Australian economy if the property prices outweigh an increase in the average wage. If tensions continue between the North Koreans and the Chinese this could also have a knock on effect to the Australian economy.

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Testimonials – Daniel Johnson


Daniel Feller

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